Race Bannon

An Experiment In Productivity

As I wrote in Setting Minimum Daily Requirements to Relieve Productivity Stress, I have been setting daily minimum requirements for myself. I have been making a pact with myself that when I accomplish what is on my minimum daily requirements (MDR) list I will accept that I have accomplished enough for that day, at least […]

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The Mist

I have been writing fiction lately. Before I started writing nonfiction I had an interest in creating fiction, but for some unknown reason that interest waned and only nonfiction had an appeal. That has evidently changed. I now seem compelled to write both and we will see how that goes. Anyway, here is a short […]

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I am on Patreon!

For a long time, many of my fellow writer friends have strongly encouraged me to start a Patreon account. I have finally done so. It is not a big secret that writers usually do not make a lot of money from their writing. Even with a couple of successful books to my name and a […]

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Goal Systems Are Imperfect

I have concluded that there is no goal attainment system that always works. None of them. You must adapt weekly, daily, hourly to the factors at hand and repeatedly decide in the moment what direction or action you’re going to take. Only being in the present moment and making all the best micro decisions will […]

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Yoga Is Keeping Me Sane During COVID-19

I’ve been writing elsewhere a lot and not keeping up with this blog, but amid the COVID-19 crisis perhaps this is a good time to start posting here again. One of the things I’ve started to do to maintain my sanity and physical fitness is to do yoga every day as I’m sheltered in place […]

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The Purpose of Education

The topic of education and the details of learning itself are near and dear to me. Learning theory. Education systems. Self-education strategies. Learning resources. Anything having to do with how we best learn and thereby improve ourselves and hopefully the world around us always lures me in and proves to be captivating. When I wrote […]

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