April 1, 2020

Yoga Is Keeping Me Sane During COVID-19

I’ve been writing elsewhere a lot and not keeping up with this blog, but amid the COVID-19 crisis perhaps this is a good time to start posting here again.

One of the things I’ve started to do to maintain my sanity and physical fitness is to do yoga every day as I’m sheltered in place at home. In the past I’ve been an avid yoga practitioner, but I fell out of the habit years ago and have periodically resumed it in fits and starts over time without it sticking. I’m trying to correct that and once again be regular with my practice.

I discovered a great introductory series of yoga videos on YouTube by yoga teacher (and aerial acrobat) Arian Levanael. They’re among the best I’ve watched. His approach is clear, slow, gentle, adaptive to your physical abilities or experience, and generally a superb introduction to yoga if you’re new to it or restarting a practice.

Today I began the second in this series, Essential Yoga (Week 2), and I’m loving it. It was challenging, but throughout Arian tells you how you can adapt the series to pull back to something more comfortable to your abilities throughout.

Last week I did the first video in this series and with the start of the second week’s series I’m hoping this will become a regular habit for me and others who might read this as well. Stay safe. Stay home. Listen to the public health professionals and do what they say. We’re all in this together. Namaste.

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