May 19, 2020

Goal Systems Are Imperfect

I have concluded that there is no goal attainment system that always works. None of them.

You must adapt weekly, daily, hourly to the factors at hand and repeatedly decide in the moment what direction or action you’re going to take.

Only being in the present moment and making all the best micro decisions will move you forward to macro success.

What you map out as your future will inevitably look different in reality than you envision, and that’s exactly how it is supposed to work. Goals should be seen as directions and guidelines rather than destinations and a predestined trail.

Write out goals. It helps.

Plan your future. It helps.

Create to do lists. It helps.

Rework your plans ongoing. It helps.

But ultimately it is about making good decisions in the moment that will prove to be the primary arbiter of your fate. No system will save you from the necessary in-the-moment dedication and focus required to move your life forward in good ways.

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