Getting Things Done

Over the years, I’ve read about and tried countless goal attainment systems. I’m sure you’ve investigated or tried some of them too. Most of them go something like this. Create your lifetime goals, then break them down to long-term goals, then break those down to short-term goals, and then break those down into immediate action […]

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The Downside of Goal Focus

Since I was a child, probably due to the influence of growing up with an over-achieving father, I have been incredibly goal focused. I am one of those people who has constantly made long-term, medium-term and short-term goal lists and tried (notice I said tried) to chip away at accomplishing them. This process has not […]

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Our Obsession With Stuff

A friend of mine recommended The Story of Stuff website and I think you’ll be well served if you decide to view this site too. Watch the 20-minute video of the inspiring Annie Leonard. She clearly and brilliantly walks you through the chain of events in our current consumerism society, highlighting the downside of continuing […]

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Bodyweight Exercises

There was a time when I was incredibly fit and muscular. I am unfortunately not currently in that state and I have decided to correct that situation. I’ve committed to again establishing a regular fitness and diet regimen. As I approach my 58th birthday, I am not happy with my current fitness level or my […]

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The Bad Habit Of Overplanning

I consistently enjoy reading Leo Babauta’s zenhabits blog. His insight is wonderful and he presents useful wisdom in such simple and concise language. His latest post, Why We Overplan, is no exception. Overplanning is something I struggle with all the time. I was raised by a father who is a planner, a list maker, an overachiever, […]

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Great Advice on Creativity

I just finished reading Hugh MacLeod’s Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys to Creativity. Great book. It’s a quick read that doles out brilliant advice on how to best be creative, but much of the advice is actually applicable to life in general. A theme that resonates throughout the entire 39 chunks of wisdom is […]

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