Fitness and Health

Bodylastics – The Exercise Bands I Use

A while back I decided to give up belonging to a gym and exercising with weights. Due to my rather hectic schedule I wasn’t getting to the gym very often, and after years of lifting weights it just wasn’t resonating with me anymore. The result was that I ended up abandoning exercise for way too […]

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The Amazing Hindu Pushup

There was a time when I was quite the exercise and fitness aficionado. I worked out a lot and had a rockin’ body. Unfortunately, I fell into a rather long period of apathy regarding my exercise and have recently decided to again embrace a more fitness oriented lifestyle. I plan to document some of the […]

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Bodyweight Exercises

There was a time when I was incredibly fit and muscular. I am unfortunately not currently in that state and I have decided to correct that situation. I’ve committed to again establishing a regular fitness and diet regimen. As I approach my 58th birthday, I am not happy with my current fitness level or my […]

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