Personal Musings and News

Wealthy Is Relative

I live in San Francisco where there is currently a culture war in full swing between those who have been labeled economically “wealthy” and “privileged” and those who have been labeled economically challenged. This has come about due to quickly escalating housing prices, neighborhood demographic changes, and other factors. My more left or progressive friends, […]

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The Personal Contract

I suffer from overactive achievement focus. I think many people do. Many people spend virtually all of their waking hours focused on achieving and accomplishing things. I know that I have for much of my life, and while it has resulted in some great things, it has also resulted in a steady and persistent internal […]

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Kate Nichols – Artist

Today I visited an artist collective gallery show because my friend, Mark Garrett, has a studio there and I wanted to see his latest work, which is wonderful. Unfortunately, Mark doesn’t have a website where I can show you his great art. As I was visiting the various studios within the collective I stumbled upon […]

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A Beautiful Art Soul

Every now and then you meet someone and instantly know “wow, this is a really cool person.” That happened to me today as I was strolling through Union Square Plaza here in San Francisco on my way to a doctor’s appointment. Artists regularly display their art in the plaza and I ran across some art […]

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