October 22, 2013

Play Games And Live Longer


Every so often I watch a TED Talk and it just knocks my socks off with how well done it is and how much it impacts me. This is one of those talks and I encourage you to watch it.

Jane McGonigal’s talk is remarkable and worth every second you might spend watching it. Want to live 10 years longer and be happier as you do? Her incredible way of showing us all how to do this is done with such mastery that I’m sure you will watch the video to its end. Enjoy.

One Comment on “Play Games And Live Longer

October 23, 2013 at 7:27 am

Hello, I just wanted to say that I’m thrilled to have discovered your blog. I am a passionate autodidact–I love learning about everything! It looks like you post about a great variety of interesting topics. I hope to go back and read through your previous posts as time allows, and I’ll continue following your blog for new posts. If you care to take a look at my blog, I left the URL in the form above.
I listened to some of this TED talk, and I’m definitely encouraged to play more games! Thanks for sharing the video.

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