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Today’s Companies Need Informal Learning Programs

Once upon a time, many American companies dedicated a significant amount of their time and resources to training their employees. One standout example, IBM, as far back as the 1930’s, was famous for their employee education programs that were in large part responsible for IBM’s success. Times have changed. Companies today are spending increasingly less […]

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My Approach to Managing

Recently a discussion took place on Facebook about how to motivate employees. During the course of that discussion I was asked how I manage people and I added my two cents into the mix. Here is an approximation of what I said in that discussion thread regarding how I manage teams. Feel free to use […]

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Proving Your Education – Documentation of Learning

This post thread started with my book review of Proving You’re Qualified. In previous posts I discussed some of the elements of an education portfolio – résumés, letters of recommendation, testimonials and work samples. Although what elements go into the making of a good education portfolio varies by individual and job target, a good one might consist […]

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Listen To The Music Along The Way

This video utilizing a recording of the late Alan Watts is brilliant. It highlights something that I’ve been talking and writing about for quite some time. Our entire educational system is based on the constant grading (ranking) of individuals while at the same time dangling the carrot of supposed “success” in front of the students as […]

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How Would You Spend Your Life If Money Didn’t Matter?

Every now and then I randomly stumble upon a video on YouTube that I have to share. This is one of them. I wish every person on the planet would watch this. This is truly great wisdom from the late Alan Watts. It’s only three minutes long. Check it out. I think you’ll be happy […]

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