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Keeping the “Informal” in Workplace Informal Learning

Informal learning is a concept that is quickly taking hold in companies and organizations everywhere. No surprise. Such learning often produces as good or better results than more formal training programs and at a fraction of the cost. But as with all trends adopted within large organizations, there can be a tendency to over-complicate matters. […]

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Getting Things Done

Over the years, I’ve read about and tried countless goal attainment systems. I’m sure you’ve investigated or tried some of them too. Most of them go something like this. Create your lifetime goals, then break them down to long-term goals, then break those down to short-term goals, and then break those down into immediate action […]

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Proving You’re Qualified: Strategies for Competent People Without College Degrees

Proving You’re Qualified: Strategies for Competent People without College Degrees By Charles D. Hayes Published by Autodidactic Press Ask a random sampling of people who are in successful careers how they learned to do their current job and a large percentage of them will say “I learned on the job.” I hear it all the […]

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