Self-Education and Learning

Adapting Our Learning Styles

I was reading an article in a past issue of The New York Times about a past race for Governor of California, but it was one particular part of that article that reminded me of the importance of adaptation to learning and self-education. Gavin Newson, the then current Mayor of San Francisco, was running as a […]

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Learning Contracts

A tool that many people use when pursuing self-education, or as they often call it in the business world, informal learning, is the learning contract. Learning contracts are documents you can use on your own or that can be used in business environments to guide employees in their self-directed education. Learning contracts can take many […]

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Run, Do Not Walk, to TED!

A while back I stumbled upon an amazing website, a website I can honestly and without doubt say is my absolute favorite website, ever. The site is TED (TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design). Begun in 1984, TED is an annual conference, held in Long Beach, California, that initially brought together people from the worlds […]

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The Power of Random Acts of Learning

Sometimes it’s just fun to poke around various places to see what we can learn. Sure, learning that has a specific objective makes sense most of the time, but there are occasions when random learning suits a purpose. Why pursue random learning? Often we get stuck in a learning rut. We investigate only those few […]

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Instructional Design For One

People who develop curriculum (teaching or training materials) often follow the principles of instructional design. I should really say they might follow one of many sets of principles because there are various models that guide how instructional designers pursue their craft. One of the most prevalent models is referred to as ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Develop, […]

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