Self-Education and Learning

There Is Hope For Education

Today I was having lunch at my favorite lunchtime spot here in my Castro neighborhood in San Francisco. At a nearby table I overheard a conversation that brightened my spirits considerably and gave me hope that our educational system is not a lost cause. I was so taken with the conversation that I took out […]

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Informal Learning Recognition

I am looking forward to the day when the knowledge, skill and experience we possess will mean as much (or more hopefully) than a college degree. College will remain an important option for many, but I see a future ahead where its importance will lessen over time. The world we now live in moves so […]

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ScienceDump – Science in Small Bites

I ran across a great new learning resource, ScienceDump. ScienceDump is host to many short, interesting and inspiring science videos and documentaries. You can also view the content on some mobile devices using one of their apps. There are hundreds of videos in approximately 20 categories such as biology, design, math and philosophy. This site […]

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