April 27, 2013

Social Media and Informal Learning


Graham Attwell, an educational technologist, researcher and blogger based in Pontypridd in Wales and Bremen in Germany, has posted a short slideshow that I found interesting.

Mr. Attwell’s presentation examines the ways in which people are now using technology for playing, for communication and yes, for learning. He contends also that the education systems are failing to respond to these new ways of learning. The presentation also proposes the development of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs), based primarily on social software (think Facebook) as a mechanism to reflect on informal learning.

I also highly recommend Mr. Attwell’s other slide presentations and his Pontydysgu: Bridge to Learning blog. He provides lots of great information and insights regarding lifelong and informal learning.

One Comment on “Social Media and Informal Learning
October 27, 2013 at 11:22 pm

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