September 7, 2011

Change of Course

I think I’m changing the course of my blogging strategy. My original concept when I started blogging was to create a bunch of separate blog sites to correspond to my various interests. Self-education. Exercise and health. Communication skills. And so on. I’m interested in many things and it turns out creating content for and managing multiple sites is both time consuming and otherwise burdensome. And my instincts tell me it’s not the way for me to go.

When I embarked on blogging I studied various blogging experts. They all seemed to say create a blog targeted like a laser at a particular niche topic. They also suggested creating multiple blog sites to maximize traffic and moneymaking opportunities. I guess I’m going to try out an alternative approach. My instincts tell me to follow a different path. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m now going to use this single site to blog about most of my personal interests and areas of expertise. Most of my other sites I’m going to leave intact as they are for now, but anything new will be posted to this site. Over time the blogs on this site will encompass a wide variety of topics. I’ll eventually provide convenient categories that will allow you to easily filter for only the types of posts you want to read. But I’m hoping exposure to my other areas of interest will prove interesting to most blog readers as well while at the same time allow me to focus more on new content rather than blog site management.

This will be an interesting experiment. Stay tuned.

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