September 1, 2010

We’re Just Bloggers

One of my blogs, The Art of Self Education, is generating some great traction lately with traffic increasing steadily. Of course I’m pleased. It’s gratifying to see that blog doing so well.

Lots of folks have started to consider me an expert in the area of self education. Maybe I am, but only as much as any other person who is an avid, self-directed learner. And that’s a lot of people. There are lots of us. I just happen to be one who writes fairly well and enjoys the blogging form.

Blogging definitely heightens one’s credibility and perceived expertise, but it’s important to remember that bloggers are just regular people who are passionate about something and like writing about it. Hopefully most of us are reasonably intelligent and articulate in our areas of interest, but that’s by no means a certainty.

So when you read what I have to say, or what other bloggers have to say, always keep your mind open to opposing views. Never trust one source (including me). Only by considering information and opinions from various sources are we able to arrive at a truly balanced and reliable perspective.

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