March 10, 2012

Training Yourself: The 21st Century Credential

Training Yourself: The 21st Century Credential
By Charles D. Hayes
Published by Autodidactic Press

This tiny book is deceiving. When you first hold it you wonder if much wisdom can be contained in such a small volume. It can. I read this short work in a single session. The writing is to the point with a lot of good information and advice scattered throughout.

The essence of the book’s message is that education (learning) is something you “take” rather than “receive.” Rather than viewing education as a passive exercise of being taught as the only practical method of learning, education is viewed as an active undertaking. Along with fostering this refereshing approach to education, the author emphasizes the importance of self education in maintaining excellence and competitiveness in the modern workplace.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can benefit from the information and advice in this book. Buy a bunch and give them to friends as gifts. I gave my entire corporate staff each a copy as a gift.

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