Book Review – What Are You Optimistic About?

What Are You Optimistic About?: Today’s Leading Thinkers on Why Things Are Good and Getting Better Edited by John Brockman Anyone who reads, listens to, or watches mainstream news and media undoubtedly gets the impression that the state of mankind is in rapid decline and we’re all heading towards utter destruction and misery. Maybe some […]

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Book Review – The World in a Phrase

The World in a Phrase: A Brief History of the Aphorism By James Geary Quotes and aphorisms have always fascinated me. There’s something compelling about short, concise wisdom that packs a punch that longer prose might not. For those people like me who worship these forms of writing, I urge you to read this book. […]

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Thanks for visiting my blog site. Don’t try and figure out a primary theme or focus of this site (at least not yet). It doesn’t have one. If there’s something I find interesting, it might be talked about here. Over time I plan to continually build this site into a destination for anyone looking for […]

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